Socks Appeal (Or, how to know when you’re old.)

Guess what you get when it’s Christmas and you’re 26 and just moved back to the snow belt after a 3.5-year hiatus in a milder clime?



And guess what? You’ll love them. You’ll wear them both at the same time. You’ll fantasize about marching through a deep layer of snow in a dress, not even feeling the bitter North wind because you’re wearing tights that could be easily misidentified as waffle-knit long johns. Even though it’s about 45 degrees outside and there was no sign of snow all weekend.

Hope all four of my readers had a fantastic Christmas. Actually, I know you did, because I spent with you. Now go tell your coworkers and college friends about my awesome blog!

This week, I’ll be working on a super awesome project and also brainstorming all the ways I’m going to approach perfection the nanosecond it turns 2012. Nothing motivates me/pushes me closer to the edge of crushing misery and failure like New Year’s! To distract myself from the pressure of New Year’s resolutions, I’ll be eating and drinking NINE COURSES AT THE GREENHOUSE TAVERN!!!

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