OBA Meetup

Both times I have attended the Ohio Blogging Association’s Cleveland meetup, the week within which this event falls becomes the busiest week ever. So I’m way behind my comrades who have already posted wonderful things about this month’s fantastic event/venue/hostess. This is going to be a short, lazy post, but I’m doing it anyway because there are some people who deserve credit for keeping me entertained for that long!

This month’s meeting was in Tremont at Wine and Design, an adorable boutique that sells both wine and furniture. The owners were kind (and brave!) enough to let us take over the shop for two hours and even sit on the furniture. I hope that a windfall of spare cash comes to me and at the same time my couch breaks so I can get back there and adopt my new couch-love in the near future. Their wines are also very reasonably priced and displayed in a manner that makes even ignorant boobs like me feel unintimidated by the selection.
Hosting our tasting was the delightful Miss WineOH (pronounced wino) who has been showing up all over Cleveland doing crazy things like pairing wines with savory cupcakes. The six wines she presented were fantastic in their variety and affordability, and maybe I’m just easy to please but I enjoyed each one of them (not to mention the pile of cheese and other fantastic snacks that went along with them.) I’m looking forward to trying to make her beer and cupcake pairing at Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City.
I’m not even going to attempt to upload photos I took from Tuesday night’s meeting because there was a weird fog on my phone’s camera lens, but head on over to Poise in Parma for a full list of people who probably took more time out of their week to do a better job telling you about this great event!
Happy Friday, friends.

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